Basic CPR Training

Start your basic cpr training course by clicking here.If you are required to hold a valid and up to date basic cpr training certificate then complete training online offer an online cpr course that will help you meet your training requirements.

This training programme holds 3 hours of cpd time credits and on registration you will be able to download all course materials, so that you can follow the training programme as you progress through the course.

The course is conducted using a video based training system, with first aid instructor led presentations, where each video can be re-wound to gain a better understanding of the course content. Once you have successfully completed their online cpr training course you will be able to print your cpr certification.

This course is ideal for gym instructors, yoga teachers, fitness and pilates instructors, or anyone who would like to know how to perform cpr and hol;d a valid and up to date certification.

Register and start training by clicking the start your training button above, but the course content and structure on this course can be found by following this link to their website: Online CPR Training.