Childcare First Aid Kit

Ofsted compliant childcare first aid kitWe offer many workplace compliant first aid kits through our online shop and this childcare first aid kit meets the requirements of Ofsted and the guidelines given by the Health and Safety Executive, The National Child Minding Association & the Pre-School Learning Alliance.

The contents of this Ofsted compliant first aid kit has been put together under the watchful eye of a paediatric first aid course tutor specialising in childcare first aid courses and this children’s first aid kit is ideal for Schools, Nurseries, Cresche’s, Mother and Toddler Groups, or anyone who is involved with looking after children.

You can purchase this product directly through our online shop, by either clicking the picture above, or you can follow this link for a full description and list of contents contained within this first aid kit for children.

CPD certified online paediatric first aid trainingWe also offer through our online training company CPD Certified online paediatric first aid training for children and infants. This course can be completed as an individual looking to gain some first aid knowledge for the care of children and infants, but it can also be used a part 1 of a blended option to meet Ofsted requirements for the 12 hour paediatric first aid certificate.

You can start training now by clicking the “Start Training” button on the right, but additional information can be found regarding this course on our website by following this link: Paediatric First aid Online Course.